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The Locker was founded by father and son team, John and Adam Hodges, and opened in August 2017. Adam has worked as a barista in Cambridge and in Melbourne, Australia. Most recently he was the assistant manager of the Cat Hostel on the strip in Las Vegas. Reputedly the coolest hostel in the west. John is an academic who worked for 17 years at Cambridge University and whom in 2007 moved to Sydney to set up a research unit. John is also an avid potter and has harboured a desire to run an arts-based cafe for a number of years. In 2016 Adam said “you know you have been going on about opening cafe for years, well why don’t we do it together?” So began the quest. 

We found Clown’s and thought it had great potential for what we envisaged: an arts based cafe, large enough to hold events such as art exhibitions, classes, book launches, music nights, and pop up chef evenings, all of which are planned for the near future. The cafe name is inspired by Adam’s dog Davey. It was to be called Davey Jones’ Locker but the name was shortened to The Locker. Most of the pottery we use is made by John and the pots are also for sale in the cafe. Our upstairs terrace features exhibitions by local sculptures.

Take home a piece of the locker!

Our tea and hot chocolate cups are made by John as are the sugar bowls and espresso cups. John has also made a range of water beakers which we use. All of these are for sale and are on display in the cafe. All are made from stoneware decorated using colourful slips and transparent glaze fired to 1250 degrees making them dishwasher safe.

John also undertakes commissions. An example of a Cathedral in Budapest and houses inspired by his time in Sydney are also on display at the back of the ground floor.

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Opening Times:

Mon-Fri : 8:30am-5:30pm

Sat : 9:30am-5:30pm

Sun : 10am-4pm

Where to Find Us:

54 King St